Monday, 29 June 2015

Defining Goals and Increasing your Motivation to achieve them!

When I initially ask someone about their Health and Fitness goals, the answer will be "lose some weight" they may even know how much they want to lose.
However goals need to inspire us in order for us to take real action, sometimes we are unsure where to begin.

Well keep reading for some help!

When it comes to your goals, most of you have some idea of what to do in order to reach your goals.
The challenging bit is actually doing it!
This is a mind set thing I believe.
However in order to achieve something we have really got to believe it can happen, not that we have to accept the way we are.
I want you to give the next two questions marks out of 10, one will enable you to see why what you are trying to achieve is important. The second is relative to what you need to do.
First out of 10, (10 being the highest) at this current point in time, how important is your Weight Loss or exercise and health goal?
The question is why did you score the question with that number? Why not a lower number, for what reasons?
Next in relation to achieving your goal in a normal timeframe out of 10 (10 being the highest) how confident are you feeling that you are going to have no problem achieving that goal in a realistic time frame applying the right habits, being disciplined and being consistent with your exercise?
With the score you just gave that question, what would it take to improve that score?
This is what you need to do.
If you answered "get some results to motivate me to do more" then you have to look at what you are doing now? Will your current habits take you there? If yes, keep doing them, if not, you probably know what's needed...

Saturday, 27 June 2015


Hello! My name is Ed Stride, I have been working in the health and fitness industry for 18 years, back when Personal Trainers were just for the rich and famous:).
I specialise in weight loss and functional fitness, so anyone who wants to lose weight and or that has a sedentary job (office or lots of driving) or a post pregnancy mother for example.

I aim to provide lots of information, to cut through the fads and science and try and entertain as I go.
I hope the information is of use to you and resonates with you, maybe even motivates you a bit!
If you are someone who finds it a challenge to lose weight and you want to do it by adopting a healthy long term lifestyle and improving your self esteem, your health and overall just make you feel happier and look in the shape you desire!
If you want to lose weight, get leaner and need additional help easing posture problems, like a stiff back or lack of mobility with the right type of exercise and exercises then this is what I hope to provide in droves!

If you like near Ringwood, Hampshire, UK and want to try a free goal setting and Personal Training Session, let me know.
If you have the motivation to exercise yourself and would like some guidance, motivation and accountability in the form of an online coach, to support you with Nutrition and Exercise routines to get results let me know!
Enjoy and put the information to good use, that's why I'm doing it!