Monday, 30 November 2015

Don't put your weight loss goals on hold, there is still time!

I hear lots of people talking in the gym saying that they have "frozen" their goals until the new year.

Wow! That's over a month away! There is still time if you made a consorted effort now in the next few weeks, let's face it we are all going to over indulge over the festive period to some degree, if you kept all the disciplines and habits going now, set yourself a realistic sensible goal for the festive period, imagine when it gets to the new year and you are already part of the way there!

It's also being realistic about your goals, knowing what you need to do, achieving the "lifestyle - life balance" as I call it.

I remember being asked constantly years back in the gym by young blokes trying to get six pack abs, they were willing to do which ever ab exercise I was going to tell them to do, but when I informed them so much of that kind of result is down to nutrition and eating as clean as possible, because we all have abdominal muscles, seeing them is something else! On discovering this most of them lost interest! 

For the rest of us it's feeling comfortable in clothes, boosting self esteem, feeling more comfortable, having more energy-especially if your family includes young children or just to get through a regular busy day or improving your health and numerous other reasons, but there is plenty of time to go, stick with it!

Monday, 23 November 2015

With Weight Loss it always comes down to this...

A client of mine asked me very recently "I'm thinking of increasing the number of sessions I do with you per week".

This was all well and good, but I knew as soon as she said it, how was she going to fit it in?

She is a busy Mum with two children who has a business her self and is recovering from a serious back operation.

When I asked more questions as to why she wanted to increase, is was to get faster results, so then I asked that annoying question that trainers ask- "how is your Nutrition going?"

She gave me that look.

She instantly knew, see she didn't mind exercise that much.

After 18 years of training people, when weight loss is the goal, 70-80% of it comes down to Nutrition, get this right (as much as you can) it will all come together, you will see the better shape you are in from your exercise routine.
There won't be the question of "what shall I wear" when you go out at night, trying to decide which outfit hides the most, because when you keep getting your nutrition right, there won't be any to hide!

Heck as a 40 year old trainer, I have to be in pretty ok shape, so people will actually believe what I say!
Im ok with were I am, but if I wanted to go further to get leaner myself and I'm doing 6 day weeks training people mornings until evening and there is an 8 and 9 year old at home, I'm doing the most amount of exercising I want to do, so do you know what would I do? That would have the most effect?

Say it in your best annoying mimicking voice....

Focus even more on Nutrition!

If you have any questions, let me know in comments.

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Monday, 16 November 2015

Easy Weight Loss and Healthy Lifestyle.

Sometimes when something sounds too simple, in order to allow ourselves to procrastinate and a reason not to take action, we try and make it more complicated than it actually is. This can give us a reason not to move forward.
To keep it simple, to lose weight a lot of it comes down to your nutrition habits.
As much of the time as is possible you must strive to eat as natural as you can.
To know which foods you can eat a lot of regularly and the foods you have to have as occasionally as possible.
To get the balance of nutrients right and to avoid having too bigger portion of anything (except maybe vegetables) or to avoid feeling full. 
To move a bit more in general and just be more active as this is what your body was designed to do.
To keep repeating the above into some kind of lifestyle that takes you to were you want to go and to maintain it as best you can, simple.

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Monday, 9 November 2015

Fast Weight Loss...

As a Personal Trainer the question I was asked the most previously was "what is the fastest way to lose weight".

At the fitness facility I work at we have a course called; "The Lose and Shape up course."

It's a 12 week course, when someone inquires about the course, the starting question would be; "how much weight should I expect to lose in 12 weeks?".

If I'm forced to answer, my answer would be "if you follow all the advice and steps about 12-24lbs".

People usually look a bit disheartened at this as they know so many xyz diets that promise a lot faster results.

Right from the beginning I have always run my buisiness and despatched advice with integrity.

So I say this, as a trainer with over 18 years experience; rapid weight loss is not good for health and it only brings about short term results, it lowers our metabolism, as rapid weight loss involves losing a bit of fat and muscle and water.

Looking "gaunt" is usually the result of rapid weight loss.

There are too many companies and individuals out there promising rapid weight loss, when we lose weight quickly we tend to gain it back quickly, great for return business.

Everyone is free to make their own choices, but if it's not under medical supervision, just be careful when you are met with a weight loss promise that sounds to good to be true.

My programmes and lifestyle advice are designed to an individual's goal, as a trainer you want them to not only achieve their goal, but for them to get to a point where they don't have to think about it, it's all good habits and lifestyle, they are in control of their weight and can manage it themselves.

That's the time they don't need me.
If they stay it's because they like me and they enjoy my exercise routines.

Monday, 2 November 2015

Box Life

The box life has taken over...

When I want to motivate my self, I sometimes like to listen to Tony Robbins, a very effective speaker.
In one of his talks he spoke of "the box life".

As someone who promotes the benefits of a Paleo Influenced lifestyle this rang very true.

See how many of these you relate to;

We wake up, to wash we stand in a box, if we have chance before we leave we watch the box, we travel to work or anywhere in some kind of box, when we get to work, or to check emails we use a box, the phone rings - another box!
After spending our day with these boxes, we travel home in our box, we might fill an opened top box with water and finish the day sat in front of the box!
To use all these boxes every day we are usually seated, meaning our box - the sheath of tissue made up of facia, muscle, tendons and ligaments that is the front, back and sides of our body weakens and no longer does a good job of holding us in the right postural position.

A lot of the time this governs how I choose my exercises, especially for people I have just started working with.
You will notice there are a lot of body weight orientated strength exercises, squats, lunges and rows etc. this forms the basis of any programme, would you strengthen the branches of a tree before the trunk, would you construct the walls of a building before the foundation? What would happen otherwise? Weak walls and branches! In the bodies case our frame work of tissue, that gives support to our spine and joints that support and enable us with best mechanics to move our limbs.
Resistance machines have their place, but the foundation has to be strong first, because what do you do with most machines? Sit down!
For you calorie burners, when you exercise do you burn more seated or standing?