Monday, 29 February 2016

The secret to long term weight loss...

As I try and expand my business and with it the number of people I can help...

I remember a business saying; "success leaves clues".

I think that saying is true of anything.

Another trait that is true of people who lose weight (fat) and keep it off is that they don't deny themselves anything.

If we are told you can't have something it can become all we think about!

Likewise we know consume too much of anything and it will effect results.

I am told by members of the health club "I am going to stop consuming xyz for two weeks".

A lot of the time the motivation is for the person to prove they can do it.

I can predict their results though, lose a few pounds in 2 weeks, gain it back quickly after :).

Those who are successful, find a way to moderate but enjoy their favourite foods or drinks as part of their healthy eating plan. 

To make this an ongoing habit won't be easy, if it was easy, everyone would be doing it!

But anything that's worth having, you usually have to work for, you have to decide if it's worth having...

Bye the way, at the moment I am busy compiling information for my new website, articles and videos.
There are something's that are hard to explain through the written word, a follow along exercise routine to do at home for example...
When I have done mini seminars illustrating what the body breaks food into using sugar, most people respond well to the visual impact.
All foods that contain energy (any thing with Carbohydrate in it) the body will break down into Glycogen or blood sugar, regularly take on board more than you need and body will store the surplus as fat.
But which foods apart from the obvious are high energy?
Well to illustrate this take a look at this video on YouTube:
Don't expect a Hollywood production though :)
Ed (has a face for blogging) Stride

Monday, 22 February 2016

Ultimate Weight Loss Tips...

I believe the year was 2009, we were told that new nutrition information was coming out that would change our perspective on nutrition and weight loss.

I like a few others was skeptical.

We thought we were already in possession of this information.

Calories ingested versus calories expended was the key, like a negative bank account.

However the information that came out changed things...

Stabilising blood sugar, moderating energy intake, eating cleaner less processed foods...

Suddenly it all made perfect sense.

The other day I was passed an article in a broad sheet newspaper (thanks Paul!)

"The common traits of thousands of people who had lost a considerable amount of weight and sustained it".

This included: Having breakfast every day, limiting watching television, measuring themselves weekly (accountability). 

The balance of macro nutrients advised was a more balanced 40%Carbohydrate, 30%Protein, 30%Fat per meal. (This was also part of the revised information in 2009). 

To visualise this imagine a plate, divided into these quantities, 40% vegetables, 30% chicken, 30% olive oil lets say.

I think government guidelines still put the ideal recommendations at 65% Carbs, 20%Fat, 15% Protein.

Eating slightly increased amounts of Protein is better at warding off hunger, because it takes longer to process than other nutrients, keeping us fuller for longer.

Something else was to use smaller plates, people that did this could lose 1 Lb per week!

Bye the way all of these points and loads of others are in my book...

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Monday, 15 February 2016

Weight Loss motivation dampeners...

I'm noticing the gym I work at is already a little bit quieter compared to last month.

Some of those who started their exercise routine with great expectations have stopped.

Having seen this constant trend for nearly 2 decades it usually comes down to a few things...

Too much attention to measuring on the weighing scales. I was listening to a famous trainer who had labelled the scales "the sad step".

Great way of putting it!

The scales don't measure shape change only the total sum of all the components of the human body.

Most of our total weight is water and it's far healthier to be better hydrated!

I know so many people who are leaner, in better shape, slimmer waists, clothes fitting way better, but either the same weight or slightly heavier.

Taking photos before you start or before progress has been made and then an "after photo" or waist measurements or even how clothes fit is a better option for measuring.

Relying on just exercise for results: exercise will help and has so many health benefits, but it's your nutrition or eating plan that gets best results, please keep trying to find a way.

Diets. I don't even like the term. Diets seem to mean restriction and low calorie. Which promotes turning your body into a fat storing machine.

People who have the fastest metabolisms eat mostly healthy and often, they seem so surprised that they feel like they are eating more but getting results!

They are teaching their body there is an abundance of nutritious food.

No need for the body to hold on to body fat because the body isn't getting enough nutrients from a low calorie diet, so it slows the metabolism to get through the shortage.

The body knows when we regularly eat balanced nutritious food it's is in good supply, if it needs more energy it can secrete a hormone (glucagon) to turn fat into fuel and we get leaner!

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Monday, 8 February 2016

Weight Loss Encouragement.

When it comes to objectives, most people can more or less tell me what they need to do.

The part that is hardest is the doing it bit!

Paleo (based on natural foods, found growing or living) works because Nature provides , these were all the foods we needed that provided all the vitamins,minerals, nutrients and energy.

However now we manufacture many other foods.

Foods that contain calories but not much else.

However due to processed fat and or sugar they taste good!

Sugar was found to be as addictive as many banned drugs.

If we have forged a habit of eating these processed foods it's very, very hard to stop.

When we spike our blood sugar levels by eating high energy food, we get a crash, followed by the overwhelming impulse to spike the blood sugar again so we have some more high energy food!

It seems that we can consume far more of this food in one go than the healthy stuff because although it's energy rich it's nutrient low, it's hard to eat a lot of nutrient rich food.

I love creating content and simplifying the what and why and I'm working on a project that makes it even easier.

But, I can't do it for you, I wish I could.

I can show you what to do for great results, but I can't do it for you, no one can.

So I understand habits are incredibly hard to change.

But things don't have to stay the same, if you are aware of what needs doing, then it's time to make changes, even small ones, is there anything in the short term you can do differently?

Something that could make a big difference if you were to adopt a new habit?

If so, when can you start?

It doesn't matter how small the steps are, just challenge yourself every day to keep taking action.

It's why at least a third of the 100 points in my book are mindset ones, designed to encourage you to take action.

Still available if you need help.
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Ed ( "it would be great if you could live in and borrow my body, eat healthily, exercise, get results and then hand it back to me!" Yes someone really said this!) Stride.

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Monday, 1 February 2016

Achieving Weight Loss and Book Launch...

When it comes to setting ourselves objectives and taking action it really comes down to what actions are we currently taking that if done regularly will contribute to us achieving our objective.

Or it's figuring out what new course of action needs to be undertaken and implemented to ensure we are heading in the right direction.

It's also knowing what actions are involved in achieving the goal and is the outcome worth it.

For instance if I really wanted to be leaner still, I could be as healthy with my nutrition at the weekends as I am during the week, however being able to not focus on my nutrition habits for a day and a half is more important to me than being super lean!

The way forward is to know what you need to implement and do it, bit by bit, doing it all at once can be overwhelming. 

If you are currently not in the right mindset or would like a series of items to check off, then I have something that might help!

My new ebook is out on Amazon Kindle now: "100 point Paleo Inspired Checklist to Permanent Weight Loss".

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The book acts as a checklist, it's a systematic approach to weight loss, starting with getting clear about what you want to achieve, to making it all a  habitual long term healthy lifestyle.

There are 100 points altogether, you can go through, apply one by one the practical or mindset points at your own pace.

Perfect for anyone who wants to lose weight, for clothes to fit better, to have to cover up less, to feel and look better, to have more energy to improve health and increase longevity.

Real solutions for busy people!

The link again:

Available from an Amazon in your country also!

Let's hope the reviews are kind...