Monday, 25 January 2016

Weight Loss: The Truth!

After the festive period, on their first training session back, I measure my clients, using a set of scales that measure body fat percentage, lean tissue ( including water and muscle) amongst other numbers.

This is to see how they did with their festive goal which might have been a realistic "only gain 1Lb over Xmas", and also to set new goals.

Whilst this is necessary, it does feel a tiny bit unkind, so to feel better I thought "I will measure my self!".

It was about what I thought, my body fat had only slightly increased, but I was now in a worse category.

Instantly I was on the defensive, "I wasn't that bad over Xmas", "I didn't have time" "At 40 I'm not as young as I used to be" I thought to myself.

I realised all of this was not going to change the numbers at all!

The only way I can and am doing that is returning back to healthy habits.

Measurements always seem harsh, they are so black and white, without doing the right things there is no way round them, no way of beating them, although if I find one I will let you know!

But that's why measuring is so effective, if life gets in the way and it's truly beyond your control, then measure when it's the starting point of being able to do something about it.

If it's in your control, then what ever the recommended way of measuring you use, scales that measure body fat as well as total weight, how clothes fit, before and after pictures, circumference measurements like narrowest part of the waist and widest part of the hips, the state of your mobility and posture for example.

When you get the results of your measurements you will know if what you have been doing is getting results, or not.

Have some questions? Bet your not the only one with that question, let me know in the comments and I will make it the subject of a future post.

If you need more help, my ebook that contains a100 point checklist to permanent weight loss will be available from a well know online retailer this week!

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Monday, 18 January 2016

I admit I comfort eat sometimes...

I have this other passion other than health and fitness I partake in on my day off if I can - wildlife photography, I have a specialist subject, I research the best place to go and sit and wait, sometimes for hours!

You always have to be prepared to wait for hours and for nothing to happen!

Only when nothing happens, you feel totally aggrieved it starts to make you question your life!

So as some of you know Sunday is a day I don't exactly follow my normal nutrition plan, I don't eat that much during the day, so when I get home feeling aggrieved and hungry, what do I do?

Sometimes sensibly I eat something relatively healthy to feel satisfied, but I don't stop there, what ever is hiding in the cupboard is not safe! With two little boys around there is always a tasty treat or two or three...

I am really hungry when I do this? No!
Do I feel better? A little bit, but not for long! Do I eat more than usual, oh yeah!

Apparently that is the difference between healthy eating and emotional eating, I am no expert on emotional eating, but apparently the first step is to recognise it, hunger is a different feeling, hunger can wait a bit, hunger doesn't always need a specific type of food, apparently I am supposed to pause before I eat in that situation, I should try that :).

Luckily for me, I only get the one day off!

But I understand sometimes me saying it's all about good habits and just choosing to eat healthier doesn't always work.

Recognise it if you can and just keep doing your best.

Didn't you know all Personal Trainers do a bit of wildlife photography on the side? Actually no your right, just me :))

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Monday, 11 January 2016

Advice for sticking to and getting weight loss results.

It's definitely new year, the gym is busy, in fact at peak times the gym is heaving!

The regulars in the gym get upset with suddenly having to share.

I saw something, I think on Facebook that said "to all the regular gym members complaining about us newbies, we didn't mind having to share our pubs and favourite drinking establishments with you over the Christmas break". 

The regulars usually snidely remark that the newbies will all be gone by March.

Unfortunately it is mostly true and it does sadden me a bit.

For me it's trying to reach them with a few key points:

1). After a break from exercise the body needs time to adapt to exercise, to begin with not all muscle fibres are fired to engage in a particular activity, the brain to nervous system to muscle link takes time to recruit more fibres, this makes it harder in the beginning, but the body adapts! Eventually to get used of the continuing demand the body improves, usually people have given up their routine because it's still too uncomfortable by this point, which is a shame.

2). The number of joggers post Christmas increased my way, which is great and very healthy but if weight loss is the goal, 70-80% of results happens in the kitchen and I don't mean doing crunches on the kitchen floor, I mean your eating habits :).

3). Relying on just measuring your body weight can be demotivating, your hydration levels fluctuate day to day by a few pounds so this makes a difference! If your goal is to improve visually then be brave and take a before picture, don't dwell on it, it's there for when things get habitual and you can take another soon, revert back and see the progress you have made. Or go by how your clothes fit, or measure different circumferences, like your waist, but give it a least a week or two of good habits.

That's the key, don't aim for the perfect lifestyle, I don't have one of those! Just do your best to make the realistic habits you have put in place habitual, because that's when things start to happen!

Monday, 4 January 2016

Weight Loss; back on track!

For me today is the day, back to normal with the eating habits, since the 24th December I have not been following the usual nutrition plan, but even yesterday a salad seemed appealing for once!
However, the festive period gave me an insight into some of the struggles you face.
Temptation all over the place! Being at home more meant every time a cupboard was opened something was there ready to be eaten, no preparation needed, just a packet to open!
Children being very generous with sweets and leaving things (don't like waste).
All those invites to eat out or at someone's house, "right the Personal Trainer obviously wants double portions of bennoffie pie and pescottie!" (Obviously don't know deserts well enough to be able to spell them :)) but how are you meant to refuse?

But it gave me an insight to how it can be year round for others, all the Mums are faced with these challenges, lots of temptations and food left on a plate, serving them deserts when you are very hungry, thinking "I will just have a little bit myself"...

If you work in an office, all the snack food temptations, or eating out on business lunches, or if you are dining out with colleagues or customers, they may not all relate if you exclaim "hold the alcohol" and "where's the Paleo dish on this menu?".

I understand it will be a constant challenge, but as soon as you can after the festive period, set a day to get back on track, yes somewhere down the line you may succumb to just have what the children are having or the restaurant doesn't have a healthy option. Just do your best, remember keep reminding your self why you are doing it, after a slip up resolve to keep going. Going through consecutive days of slips ups? Set a day as soon as you can to get back on track!

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