Monday, 28 March 2016

Would you like a fast Metabolism?

This post's advice may sound "counterintuitive" 

But by what seems like eating more, promotes weight loss.

Most of us were brought up on the three square meals a day formula.

Even if we are trying to decrease overall calorie intake a bit, if we divide the total days calories by three...

It's unlikely the body can process all the energy and other nutrients in one go.

But by moderating the portion size of our main meals and including healthy snacks...

Which means we end up eating 4-6 times a day...

The body has a far better chance of processing the nutrients, even healthy ones when the portion size is slightly reduced.

Even if we are eating something wholesome and natural there is still a limit to the amount the body can process in one go...

If you just reduced the size of your three main meals, chances are you would get hungrier, which would lead to low blood sugar and the wrong type of cravings.

Which could lead to over eating.

Plus eating moderate and often speeds up your metabolism. 

It informs the body (which has no idea otherwise) that food is in plentiful supply.

Also the scientists inform us about Therogenics, which means the digestive system works harder dealing with 4-6 moderate meals, than 3 bigger ones, expending more calories to process the nutrients.

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Monday, 21 March 2016

Weight Loss Motivation: Focus on what is going well...

Despite life getting in the way a lot of the time and despite our best intentions, being able to achieve a weight loss goal, lifestyle goal or any fitness goal is challenging.

Previously when I have run weight loss courses or even talking to someone about their goal, I always would ask "what is going well at the moment?"

Typically I would get short answers, but if I asked "what are your challenges?"

The reply would be a long and extensive list!

When I would take measurements, either results would be staying the same or slightly improving.

This tells me what they were doing right made up at least half of their habits.

But when asked it was a different story.

Which means we tend to focus a lot more on what we feel we can improve rather than what we are already doing that is working.

To fit any kind of exercise routine in each week takes time, so does preparing food and not to mention discipline.

To even be aware of what you are eating, or the fact that you haven't moved for a long time at work and it's time to walk around is a very positive one.

When it comes to food, we all have different attitudes and relationships with food, which can determine how easy it is to adopt certain or new habits.

I am lucky growing up some of the days were healthy food days, some not so healthy.

I think Lifestyle and eating habits wise this has given me a head start and made it easier now.

We all start from a different place and sometimes for different reasons.

Keep these reasons in mind, they will help with motivation.

They will help you decide what you need to do, but make a list of what you are already doing right, it's bigger than you think....

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Monday, 14 March 2016

If we want to lose weight is that all we can eat?

I last week'a blog post, There was a link to a video I made, a practical demonstration to show how much fuel we can process per meal and how much energy certain foods contain.

Basically showing, if you eat a certain type of food regularly, chances are you will gain weight or if your body can process the energy in the food (with a little to spare) over time you will lose and get leaner.

On the demonstration it was pointed out the only food I used to illustrate the point of being low energy was Spinach.

I wanted to make the point that compared to the others you could consume a very large portion and even that would be low energy.

See I thought I was illustrating a point but people have been asking "So is Spinach all we can eat?" So basically only Popeye is happy :).

So for my new website I have been making lots more videos.

Some of the meals can be processed, some not so much.

The videos are also on You Tube, search for Ed Stride.

But I didn't want to go for the obvious...

For example a sweet and sour chicken ready meal, with rice. 

Sticky sauce and rice, I thought it would be quite high energy, remember I was using sugar to illustrate what the body was breaking the energy into...

I don't think had a container big enough to put the equivalent amount of energy in! 

About three times the amount that could be processed per meal. 

Juice and baked beans were others that were high.

On the low energy list was a big handful of strawberries, a handful of mixed nuts, a table spoon of peanut butter and a quarter of a pot of Humous.

I'm sure there will be loads of others as I've just began to compile the list.

But if your nutrition plan consists mostly of foods your body can process, then it will be more about losing fat than storing fat.

Don't forget all the recipes fit into the moderate energy category.

More where they came from...

So if you just need it simplified so you can take action, no excuses!

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Monday, 7 March 2016

The components of a real life sustainable weight loss plan...

Recently I received a lot of positive comments from my email list regarding a video I made recently to demonstrate why moderating energy intake is the key to weight loss.

Explaining energy consumption using sugar is so much easier using video compared to the written word...

I may have been learning about health and fitness for nearly 20 years, but there is still so much learning to do.

It's ok having the knowledge but being able to put it across is a challenge.

Also every body is different, maybe everyone has similar goals, wether that be weight loss, moving with less aches and pains...

It sounds the same on the surface, but ask someone why they want this and then the answers get more personalised.

But I know it's ok having the information, there are numerous other factors as to wether it's applied.

When I create content there are many factors I consider...

To make it simplistic, if I am overwhelmed about something I am less likely to take action.

Food should be good tasting, it's a belief of mine that eating healthy shouldn't mean eating bland uninspiring food, 

when we eat something unhealthy we feel good at the time, maybe not so good after, when we have something healthy and bland, we don't feel good during but maybe self righteous but unsatisfied after :)

Whilst if it's healthy and good tasting we get both.

But I believe in this quest to be in better shape and health, it shouldn't mean we can never have our favourite food and drinks again!

The "everything in moderation' saying is so true!

Adherence is THE biggest thing, other wise we go through the habit of healthy eating for a bit, followed by binge and then repeat or stop...

Time is such a factor, so it's got be healthy, moderated, good tasting and quick (the list could be longer)...

The exercise we partake has to be the one we enjoy, or maybe we just believe it's a necessary evil (thinking of my poor clients :)).

I believe ultimately this will lead to more people achieving their objectives.

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